Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talk at Trans-Europa Festival, Cluj

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This Thursday I will be speaking at a special three-part event taking place in the framework of the Trans-Europa festival...

1) Lecture: On the the Future of European Culture by Alexei Monroe
2) Alexander Nym: Address to Europa
3) Codex Europa Alter-Europa DJ Set. European Electronic sounds: EBM, Electro, Synth, Techno, Industrial


Alexei Monroe will discuss the current plight and possible (but far from certain) future of European culture. He will analyse the ways in which various artists and musicians have envisioned Europe and its troubled history and the political and cultural consequences of the almost total failure of the European political class to build a visionary trans-European culture. This failure has left Europe at the mercy of "Euro-cidal" forces on both the right and the left. The cultural question is not the added or unaffordable luxury that authoritarian Marxists and neoliberal ideologues would have us believe and needs to be addressed urgently and courageously. Current events lead us to face hard questions: is there a possibility for a trans-European cultural response to the crisis and the tragic beauties of Europe's cultural heritage and what hope is there for a European cultural resurgence?

17th May 21.00

Irish & Music Pub

Adresa: Str. Horea, nr. 5, Cluj-Napoca


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