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Updated list of Publications

1) Laibach and NSK: “Industrial Diagnoses of Post-Socialism”, M’ARS Ljubljana VIII/3-4, 1996. 2) “Činiti nepopularno vidljivim: nominalizacija v popularnoj muzici” (Making Visible the Unpopular: Nominalization in Popular Music) in Dimitrejević, B. (Ed.), “Pop Vision”, Vršac/Belgrade 1996. 3) “Art & Strategy: Laibach versus Turbo”, New Moment No. 9/10, 1998. 4) “Thinking About Mutation: Genres in 1990s Electronica” in Blake, A. (Ed.) “Living Through Pop”, Routledge 1999. 5) “Balkan Hardcore: Paramilitarism and Pop Culture”, Central Europe Review (, June 2000. 6) “20 Years of Laibach, 20 Years of?…”, Central Europe Review, September 2000. 7) “Deleuzoguattarian Praxis and Electronic Music”, British Postgraduate Musicology ( Vol. 4, 2001. 8) “Critical Frequency”, (review of “This is Serbia Calling”, by Mathew Collin) Central Europe Review, May 2001. 9) “Office Politics”, (interview with Slovene NGO) Central Europe Review, June 2001. 10) “Th


Welcome to Plural Machine, a centre for bulletins and background on contemporary cultural topics. Information on the forthcoming book Interrogation Machine and other activities will be found here, alongside a profile, texts, and details of lectures and publications.

Interrogation Machine 2005

Alexei Monroe's book "Interrogation Machine - Laibach and NSK" , with particular focus on the performances and productions of Laibach, will be published by MIT Press on July 31st 2005. Published in MIT's "Short Circuits" series, the book is an updated English language version of the best-selling Slovene book "Pluralni monolit - Laibach in NSK" (Maska in 2003), supplemented with additional material, colour illustrations and a foreword by series editor Slavoj Zizek.More details and pre-order [here]