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Codex Europa at Klub V.E.B. '40 Jahre' Mix Night at The Fleapit, 15.08.09

Klub V.E.B./Codex Corporation Present: ‘40 Jahre’ : A.M./B.N. 1969 – 2009. A unique event for the 40th birthday of one of the V.E.B. members. Special tribute mixes from V.E.B. DJ’s and guests. A sequence of half hour sets will span a range of electronic genres from dark ambient/electronica to electro, industrial/EBM, minimal techno, doomcore gabber, electro and some surprises. Saturday August 15th. 19.30 – 23.00 The Fleapit 49 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG. FREE Techno – Industrial – Electro – Gabber and more…. Many thanks to Alex Nym for his work on the flyer.