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Codex Europa Klub V.E.B. webcast/Klub V.E.B. 24th October

This will be the first in a series of Klub V.E.B. webcasts, more information here . If you're in London this Saturday, Klub V.E.B. will be hosting another night of hardline electronics: LIVE: Sz. Berlin Special “DDR 60” Performance. + Ryan Jordan DJs: Codex Europa Kriegslok Guest VJ: Trotula 19.30 – 23.00 £ 2.00 The FleaPit 49 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG

Working on the NSK State Congress 2010

The view from the site of the Berlin team meetings. The first full meetings of the Congress project team took place recently in Berlin. Besides working on the logistical and practical factors, we defined the outline congress programme. The delegates were selected and will be contacted soon. For updates please check the Congress website or follow on twitter . The site will be developing in the next few months and more information will be available - check regularly for updates.

Codex Europa at Klub V.E.B. '40 Jahre' Mix Night at The Fleapit, 15.08.09

Klub V.E.B./Codex Corporation Present: ‘40 Jahre’ : A.M./B.N. 1969 – 2009. A unique event for the 40th birthday of one of the V.E.B. members. Special tribute mixes from V.E.B. DJ’s and guests. A sequence of half hour sets will span a range of electronic genres from dark ambient/electronica to electro, industrial/EBM, minimal techno, doomcore gabber, electro and some surprises. Saturday August 15th. 19.30 – 23.00 The Fleapit 49 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG. FREE Techno – Industrial – Electro – Gabber and more…. Many thanks to Alex Nym for his work on the flyer.

Klub V.E.B. II at The Others, July 2nd. FREE

LIVE Sz. Berlin (Extreme electronics from the Warsaw Pact) Graan (Granular synthesis meets ritualistic droning ambience) DJ’s: Codex Europa (Dark Electro Industrial) Kriegslok (Power Electronics) Floressas (Esoteric/ritual dark ambient) Stage times: 2000 - 2030 - Codex Europa 2030 - 2100 - Floressas 2100 - 2145 - GRAAN 2145 - 2215 - Kriegslok 2215 - 2245 - Floressas 2245 - 2330 - SZ BERLIN 2330 - 0000 - Codex Europa FREE Thursday July 2nd, 20.00 – 00.00 Top Floor, 6 - 8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington London N16 5SA

Talk at Ausstellung Laibach Kunst, Łódź, 23rd June

I will be giving a talk on ‘Laibach Kunst and the Art of Total Non-Alignment’at the exhibition on June 23 rd at 6pm. Codex Europa and Wiktor Skok will DJ in an industrial vein afterwards. This Polish site has a short film which has a clip from the opening performance , similar to the one given at I.C.R.N.’s RoTr event in 2006. Read more here about this major exhibition, which presents the most comprehensive overview of Laibach Kunst works yet staged.

Industrial events in London, then and now....

17 year ago this evening Laibach's Kapital tour reached London. Of the many shows I've seen, this was one of the most memorable. Tonight two audience members from the show will be performing in a less grand venue, but seeing that show was certainly a formative influence on their work: Sz. Berlin live at No Signal tonight!

Deca-Disco 2009: “Base – How Low Can You Go?!”

A 2009 follow-up piece to the orginal Deca-Disco text, (see previous post). The original Deca-Disco piece was written in 2003, just after the start of the war on Iraq and although there was no shortage of reasons for cynicism at the time and I was not exactly an optimist, I had no idea of the scale of greed, deception and incompetence that was to follow. Compared to political and economic developments since 2003, even the sleaziest and most consciously cynical electroclash now comes across as prim and repressed. As I said then, such tracks were and are examples of klepto-realism , palely reflecting and often supporting the kleptocratic order which remains entrenched even now (maintained by apathy and the real threat of violence in its defence). Now the zeitgeist is infinitely more decadent and authoritarian than it was even then. Although the word ‘electroclash’ is rarely heard now, its attitudes and textures still mark the present. There are at least as many people now who identify

Deca-Disco – Electro Disco Revivalism as Political Symptom

An archive lecture text given at the Musical constellations in the digital age event hosted at mama as part of the Zagreb Music Biennale in March 2003. Secret Militant History “Disco rhythm as a regu lar repet ition is the purest/most radical form of the militantly organised rhythmicity of technicist production, and as such the most appropriate means of media manipulation. As an archetypal structural basis of the collective unconscious in a worker, mass, it stimulates automatic mechanisms and shapes industrialisation of consciousness, which is necessary in the logic of massive-totalitarian industrial production… Disco rhythm stimulates automatist mechanisms and co-forms the industrialization of consciousness according to the model of totalitarianism and industrial production” [1] LAIBACH This statement was made by the Slovene group Laibach, which made notorious appearances at the Zagreb Biennales of 1983 and 1985. Its radical ambivalence illustrates one of the two

J.M. Bowers - Edison's Residue

J.M. Bowers is a well respected sound/noise producer who gave a very memorable performance at the Noise=Noise event at The Foundry last autumn. I have just discovered this intriguing free release for download. The source is a heavily rendered recording of Edison's famous 'Mary had little lamb' test recording. The result is a very tactile audio landscape, full of rich and uncanny detail. Recommended.

NSK Citizens Congress

In October 2010 the First NSK Citizens Congress will be held. The event will explore citizens' attitudes to and ambitions for the NSK state and their citizenship. 30 citizens will be selected as delegates who will discuss the past, present and future of the NSK State. NSK members will be present throughout the event and all delegates will be presented with a limited edition NSK object at the end of the event. Besides the private congress debates there will be a full programme of NSK-themed events including a seminar, exhibition and screenings. Details of the public events will be announced nearer the time. Although has now entered a period of hibernation you can still apply for selection as an NSK citizen delegate here .

Codex Europa live at Terradisco, Vauxhall, 21st February.

Codex Europa plays in the Ill FM room at this major night. Noise, industrial, stormcore, breakcore and more... TERRADISCO with ILL industries, Abacus and Disjunkt. 21/02/09. Featureing: REMARC, PARASITE, ELY MUFF, KOVERT, ALEX B, STIVS, ILL FM Djs, THE HEATWAVE, BEN UFO b2b with UNTOLD, ZAN LYONS, JULIEN OTTAVI (the NOISER), ZERO POINT ENERGY, KONSTRUCT recordings, FZV, CODEX EUROPA and PATRACIDE. £8. Hidden, Vauxhall (100 Tinworth Street)