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J.M. Bowers - Edison's Residue

J.M. Bowers is a well respected sound/noise producer who gave a very memorable performance at the Noise=Noise event at The Foundry last autumn. I have just discovered this intriguing free release for download. The source is a heavily rendered recording of Edison's famous 'Mary had little lamb' test recording. The result is a very tactile audio landscape, full of rich and uncanny detail. Recommended.

NSK Citizens Congress

In October 2010 the First NSK Citizens Congress will be held. The event will explore citizens' attitudes to and ambitions for the NSK state and their citizenship. 30 citizens will be selected as delegates who will discuss the past, present and future of the NSK State. NSK members will be present throughout the event and all delegates will be presented with a limited edition NSK object at the end of the event. Besides the private congress debates there will be a full programme of NSK-themed events including a seminar, exhibition and screenings. Details of the public events will be announced nearer the time. Although has now entered a period of hibernation you can still apply for selection as an NSK citizen delegate here .