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RoTr Postscript 1

Photo © Alexei Monroe. RoTr in Birmingham passed off well, despite a few local glitches. Personal thanks to everyone who attended and to Alex, Andy, Soren, Till and everyone else who gave invaluable help over the weekend. More photos will be appearing here, on the Unofficial Laibach site , ICRN and elsewhere soon. DVD footage is also being currently being edited.

Fad Gadget Retrospective

Last week saw the London launches of the new Fad Gadget 2CD/2DVD box set issued by Mute . Watching the documentary and seeing the range of people present, FG's influence on electronic pop(ular) music was more obvious than ever. The rich selection of live performances from the early to mid eighties finally give a chance to see why these shows were so influential and talked about. The CD tracks are a fairly obvious selection of career highlights, but the demo tracks are worth listening to for an understanding of Tovey's earliest efforts. If well selected, what might be interesting now would be a remix album or some vinyl issues with contemporary artists taking on FG tracks. In any case, this collection is a useful document cementing FG's place in the history of electronic music (and of course of Mute).