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Architecture against strategies?

Demolition of  the Island Block, October 2006. Photo c. Alexei Monroe On December 1 st I'll be taking part in an event in Maribor entitled A conversation about the formation of national iconographies and their framing . This is a closing event for a complex and challenging exhibition by the artist Jasmina Cibic.   My talk, Unacceptable Faces of Monumentalism?, is an interpretation of competing utopian and dystopian tendencies in London architecture, culture and politics. It's an experimental approach to analysing architecture, a subject I'm increasingly interested in. It's also a conceptual sequel to my Tate Modern presentation in April. Here's a sonic cue, Shockwork by Test Dept...

Sonica symposium

I will be moderating the Sonica Symposium in ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana on the evenings of the 28th and 29th November. We'll be trying to assess and interrogate the idea of the Third Culture with a series of artist and curator presentations and screenings. The event is free and you can find details here