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After the Congress

On Saturday evening there was a tense, dramatic, fascinating and finally celebratory closing ceremony at which the delegates' conclusions were announced. These are the main points. There is a supporting document and third opposing document was also read. Following the debate delegates and facilitators were presented with a commemorative object and were congratulated by members of Laibach, IRWIN, Novi Kolektivizem and Noordung. Active discussions continue amongst the delegates and individual responses will appear on . There were some really interesting ideas and discussions and as one delegate said for such a varied group of people to produce a defined result in three days was impressive. Many of the delegates were extremely conscientious, motivated and perceptive and it was a pleasure to meet them. I am still assessing the results and will comment in more detail shortly, for now here is the final statement agreed to by a majority of delegates: FINDINGS The NSK

Berlin Opening Address

Congress delegates, Photo c. A. Monroe Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 18.10.2010, Photo c. A. Monroe Full text of my speech at the exhibition opening last night... Firstly, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Herr Scherer and the team at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt for agreeing to host this unique and complex event. This has been a very intensive process and the venue have made a sincere effort to help us realise our vision. I am also very grateful to my colleague Haris Hararis for his tireless and visionary work. I must also mention the entire team at the buro fur kulturelle angelegenheiten, without whom none of this would have been possible. There are many others who have played some role in realising the project and I am grateful to all of them. The NSK Folk Art display that you see presented here represents a crystallisation of a process we have been aware of for some years now. The Citizens and followers of NSK have begun to create their own spontaneous and organic folk

Interrogating Tech-Nostalgia

Over the summer I had a long and interesting discussion with Thomas Bey William Bailey about Tech-Nostalgia, covering issues such as the fetishisation of analogue technology, the romance of Cold War Poetics and the current fashionability of EBM and other 1980s electronic and industrial variants. These exchanges can now be read on Vague Terrain .

Approaching the Congress

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, September 2010. Photo c. A. Monroe The Congress is approaching rapidly and final preparations are being made. The website has been updated and now features full information on the public programme .

NSK Lecture in Berlin, 01.10.10

Congress month opens with my lecture on NSK and the Congress at the workshop Andere Europas (Other Europes). The event is free and will take place in both English and German. Workshop zum Start des Studienprojekts Andere Europas: Soziale Imagination in transnationalen Bewegungen und urbanen Öffentlichkeiten Das Projekt stellt die Frage nach Anderen Europas in doppelter Hinsicht: einmal als Frage danach, ob, wo und durch wen andere als die herrschenden Visionen Europas vorstellbar und öffentlich kommunizierbar werden; zum anderen die Frage danach, ob und wie in solchen alternativen Imaginationen die Anderen Europas - im Sinne der in den herrschenden Visionen Ausgeschlossenen oder jedenfalls Marginalisierten (Migrant/innen, soziale/kulturelle Minoritäten, Kritiker/innen des Neuen Europas) - eine besondere Rolle als Adressat/innen, als Produzent/innen spielen. Damit wird zugleich die Frage neu aufgeworfen, inwieweit Europa als Raum sozialer, politischer Utopien und für die Mobil

Thirty years after and one night before...

View from the Red Districts, September 2010 I'm in Trbovlje on the eve of the Red Districts, Black Cross events to mark Laibach's 30th anniversary. Tomorrow evening at 20.00 former Slovene President Milan Kučan will open the Laibach exhibition and this will be followed by a short performance. On the morning of the 24th my work begins, moderating the three-day symposium with a unique combination of speakers, panellists, guests and friends. In the evenings there are Laibach concerts and DJ sessions plus the inevitable parties, this is going to be interesting... All the information you need is here

Interrogation Machine Book Presentation and Laibach Screening, Berlin

On the 2nd of September at 19.00 there will be a special event to accompany Laibach's MONUMENTAL RETRO-AVANT-GARDE installation at Wonderloch-Kellerland. I will read from Interrogation Machine , discuss Laibach and take questions. This will be followed by a rare screening of the Laibach documentary film Bravo (a.k.a. Laibach - A Film From Slovenia). Copies of the book will be available. Wonderloch-Kellerland Biesentaler Str. 6 D-13359 Berlin contact@wonderloch-kellerl ENTRY: 5 EURO.

Neue Slowenische Herbst

This autumn is dominated by the two major NSK-related events I'm involved in that take place within four weeks of each other: Firstly THE RED DISTRICT SYMPOSIUM (Past Perfect – Future Tense), co-organised by myself and Naomi Hennig as part of Laibach's 30th anniversary events in Trbovlje, Slovenia. September 23rd-26th. Secondly the first NSK Citizens' Congress taking place at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. October 21st-23rd. Further information soon...

Citizens' Congress Closing Party

The Organising Committee of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress is pleased to announce the line-up for the public closing party. This will take place on the evening of October 23rd at the House of World Cultures. Anat Ben-David Lillevan & Codex Europa Patenbrigade Wolff Plus DJ support. Information on tickets and other details will be published shortly. For the latest information check:

Talk at Schillerndes Dunkel book launch, Leipzig May 23rd

I will give a short talk at this event taking place in the courtyard of Absintherie Sixtina, Leipzig from 11.00. If you're attending Wave Gotik Treffen or in the area then come along. I will discuss the notion of a "dark scene", which is explored in this publication: I have two texts in this major collection, one on Gerechtigkeits Liga and one on Laibach, both appearing in German for the first time.