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Autopsia: Thanatopolis at the Horse Hospital, 18th - 25th November 2016

18th November saw the opening of the first ever British exhibition by Autopsia. It also marked the publication of my 2nd book,  Autopsia: Thanatopolis , the first extended study on the work of the group. I devised the Thanatopolis (city of death) concept while working on the book. It seemed highly appropriate, given Autopsia's artistic focus on death and the destructive, if not fatal, social and economic forces that roam freely in Neofeudal London. The conclusion of the book speculates on the technologically-driven future of art and culture in a Thanatotic city and culture. Autopsia had its roots in the Punk and industrial scenes of late 1970s London and so it was natural (and long overdue) the project should symbolically return to the city that helped inspire it. The exhibition featured several new works and worked well in the cold, gloomy interior of the Horse Hospital. Early 1980s works were featured ... Alongside Autopsia's latest sardon