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People's March Against Neofeudalism

Last Saturday I join a pan-European group of friends and c. 700, 000 others on the People's March. As I explained to a Japanese journalist, we were there as we felt we had no choice. I have the sense that many in the country feel that if they just keep their heads down and give the Brexit People what they want, then they'll be satisfied. This is a huge mistake. The elite mob of disaster capitalists, neofeudalists and kleptocrats may not be unstoppable, but they are absolutely insatiable. Ultimately, nothing will satisfy their lust for blood and power, so it is better to make a stand now while it's still possible than to have to wrest back control from them amidst the Hard Brexit chaos they dream of.
The most hard-hitting banner: Farage as English Führer 
I've been on 2 previous marches on this subject, but this was a huge increase in numbers and energy. Apart from a tiny pro-Trump mob outside Brexerspoons on Whitehall, there was no opposition. The weigh and spirit of so many people were impossible to resist. Even Radio 4 spoke of 'vast numbers' on the streets. Buses had to be abandoned where they were as the crowds eventually surged forwards (we waited 2 hours on Park Lane before being able to move forwards and there were many more waiting behind us).
The awareness that Brexit is an expression of violent, nationalistic anarchy is growing ... 

Our group was probably one of the most culturally alternative, but the unthinking (and sadly predictable) Lexiteer line that it was all middle-class stereotypes carrying their Waitrose shopping was way off the mark. We encountered Farmers against Brexit, Northern Ireland against Brexit, various Labour groups including Keir Starmer's constituency party and a much wider range of people than the parts of the Left want to admit. There must also have been many Centrists and people I'd disagree with strongly on many other issues. However, this is an emergency and not a time for ideological Puritanism or playing a collaborationist 'long game'. Other battles can and will be fought later, but for now it's a question of whether we want to be trapped in a neofeudal bandit state at the mercy of those planning a total war on society, culture and democracy. Do they want, total Brex? Yes they want, total Brex! You have been warned.

Cassette protest aesthetics

Approaching Hyde Park Corner after more than two and a half hours.
1980s hair metal as protest
An especially popular placard
Still streaming down St. James's in mid-afternoon ...
An endless flow ...
Welsh contingent
Down the toilet ...

Mobile protest
Dearly beloathed ...
Passport to Brexico
Time will tell ...
Spanish contingent
NON (Paris 1968 Redux)


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