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Publications list 2011

  • Laibach and NSK: “Industrial Diagnoses of Post-Socialism”, M’ARS Ljubljana VIII/3-4, 1996.
  • Činiti nepopularno vidljivim: nominalizacija v popularnoj muzici” (Making Visible the Unpopular: Nominalization in Popular Music) in Dimitrejević, B. (Ed.), “Pop Vision”, Vršac/Belgrade 1996.
  • Art & Strategy: Laibach versus Turbo”, New Moment No. 9/10, 1998.
  • Thinking About Mutation: Genres in 1990s Electronica” in Blake, A. (Ed.) “Living Through Pop”, Routledge 1999.
  • Balkan Hardcore: Paramilitarism and Pop Culture”, Central Europe Review (, June 2000.
  • 20 Years of Laibach, 20 Years of?…”, Central Europe Review, September 2000.
  • Deleuzoguattarian Praxis and Electronic Music”, British Postgraduate Musicology ( Vol. 4, 2001.
  • Critical Frequency”, (review of “This is Serbia Calling”, by Mathew Collin) Central Europe Review, May 2001.
  • Office Politics”, (interview with Slovene NGO) Central Europe Review, June 2001.
  • The Fright of Real Theory”, (review of “The Fright of Real Tears” by Slavoj Žižek). Kinoeye, October 2001.
  • Did Somebody Mention Lacan?” (review of “Did Somebody Mention Totalitarianism?” by Slavoj Žižek). Central Europe Review, November 2001.
  • New Italian Futurism?” (live review/feature). Junkmedia, May 2002.
  • Bread and [Rock] Circuses: Site of Sonic Conflict in London.” in Gilbert, P. (Ed.), Imagined Londons, SUNY Press 2002.
  • Neu Konservatiw: Return of a Myth”. Sleevenotes for Laibach CD “Neu Konservatiw,” Cold Spring Records 2002.
  • Zoned Out”. Review of “Primary Documents”, collection on East/Central European Art, Central Europe Review. 5 February 2003.
  • Pluralni monolit: Laibach in NSK. (Plural Monolith: Laibach and NSK). Maska. Ljubljana, 2003.
  • Unsere Geschichte.” Sleevenotes for Laibach CD “Anthems,” Mute Records 2004.
  • The Interrogation Machine: NSK, Source Codes and Temporal Hacking.” in Liebl, F. (Ed.), Cultural Hacking. Springer Verlag. 2004
  • How the West was Won – NSK and the Conquest of Cultural Space.” Borec, Autumn 2004.
  • NSK State Dublin. Overload of the Improbability Drive.” Maska, Summer 2004.
  • How the West Was Won - NSK and The Conquest of Cultural Space.” in Kelly, N. (Ed.), Art & Politics - The Imagination of Opposition in Europe. R4 Publishing, 2004.
  • "Odsev spomina/Reflection of Memory", Antonio Živkovic catalogue text, Ljubljana: Zalozba cf. 2004.
  • Interrogation Machine. Cambridge: MIT Press. September 2005.
  • Dwarf States and Post States - NSK in the Micronational Context” in Summit of Micronations Protocols Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen (Ed.) Helsinki: Artists´ Association MUU, 2005
  • Full Spectrum Provocation The Retrogarde Strategies of Neue Slowenische Kunst” in AS Mediatijdschrift No.176 Winter 2005-2006.
  • The Evolution of Senso-Brutalism: Electronic Aesthetics of Force in Music. Industrial - Minimal Techno – Gabba.” SKUG. 10.01.2006
  • "Who Doubts the Terrible Power?" in BAVO (Ed.) Cultural Activism Today: The Art of Over-Identification (2007). Rotterdam: Episode Publishers.
  • Laibach: Made in Iugoslávia”/Laibach Made in Yugoslavia” in Fernando Oliva e Marcelo Rezende (Eds.) Comunismo da forma (Communism of Form) São Paulo: Alameda Casa Editorial. 2007.
  • Who Doubts the Power of the Antlers?” in DDR/Alexei Monroe (Eds.) Jelenometrija Raziskovalna razstava Ljubljana: Domestic Research Society. 2007.
  • Wir sind das Robvolk?” in Martin Bricelj (Ed.) Robovox Sound Book. Ljubljana: 2008.
  • NSK: Τέχνη του κράτους” in Το πολιτικό στη σύγχρονη τέχνη. Athens: Ekkremes, 2008.
  • Laibach Kunst and the Art of Total Non-Alignment.” fair Zeitung für Kunst und Ästhetik. Nr.06/I-2009.
  • Laibach Kunst and the Art of Total Non-Alignment in Rekapitulacja / Recapitulation. Muzeum Sztuki w Lodzi. 2010.
  • NSK: The Improbable State of History and the History of an Improbable State.” Radical History Review 109, Winter 2010. Durham NC: Duke University Press.
  • Gesamtkunstwerk under Construction 1980-87” in A. Monroe (Ed.) Laibach Gesamtkunstwerk - Dokument 81-86. Vinyl on Demand (VOD84). 2011
  • Die Inquisitionsmaschine. Ploettner Verlag (Forthcoming 2011).
Edited works:
State of Emergence. Ploettner Verlag/Poison Cabinet Press (Forthcoming 2011).
Co-edited with Alexander Nym and Peter Webb. Shimmering Darkness. Ploettner Verlag/Poison Cabinet Press (Forthcoming 2012).
Selected articles For Muska magazine, Ljubljana:
What The Machines Have To Say”, March 1998.
Manifesto For Techno”, June 1998.
Mille Plateaux: Modulation & Transformation”, January 1999.
Sounds Of The Times”, November 1999.


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Pluralni monolit, 2003-2013.

The first edition of my book on Laibach and NSK was launched exactly 10 years ago to the day at Vila Bled, Slovenia, in a hall used by Tito for diplomatic receptions.

This is an edited version of my presentation at the launch events in Bled and Ljubljana...
This all began twenty-three years ago in Trbovlje when posters briefly appeared with a black cross and the word “Laibach”. No-one then could have imagined we would be here today, presenting this, but in the end time always catches up with itself. What would the former resident of this place have made of this gathering and his place on the cover of the book? Perhaps the situation seems even stranger because this book is not by a Slovene author. What right does a foreign author have to come here and present your history? The same right that Laibach and NSK had to respond to the cultures and symbols that intruded on their space. These artists took for themselves a right to reply to the elements of their reality they found themselves con…

P.C. Press and Test Dept

I've been working intensively on the publication of Total State Machine a book on the history of Test Dept, which I've co-edited with the group and Peter Webb. I've also written the introduction to the book, which contains a wealth of archival photos and documents plus tour diaries, new texts and exclusive interviews. More information on the P.C. Press website.

Test Dept Book Launch and Screening, April 23rd.

For the past few years I've been working intensively with Test Dept and Peter Webb on a comprehensive archival book documenting their work and its impact. I've contributed an introductory text and two shorter texts on the group's work. Full details of the book and where to buy it will be available soon. Total State Machine will be published by PC-Press on April 23rd and this will be marked by a special event at The Ritzy in Brixton.

A premiere screening of DS30, documenting Test Dept's monumental 2014 installation and video project on the River Tyne will be accompanied by a selection of Test Dept archive material on film and video. This will be followed by a Q & A with founding members Graham Cunnington, Angus Farquhar and Paul Jamrozy. Special DJ sets will be provided by Scanner and Shelley Parker.