Saturday, October 29, 2011

State of Emergence London Launch

Thanks to all who attended the event, to the Horse Hospital and to my co-presenters Avi Pitchon and Alexander Nym. There were many new faces, some completely new to NSK and some very interesting discussions. We also premiered the latest edition of NSK State News. All photos courtesy of Vera Bremerton.

Reading from State Of Emergence

The audience
Discussions at the information point.
Alexander Nym 
Avi Pitchon, Alexei Monroe, Alexander Nym, Ursula
Avi Pitchon

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

State of Emergence Publication and Promotion

Ploettner Verlag and Poison Cabinet Press will shortly release the book “State of Emergence” which explores what did happen, what could have happened and what may happen following the Congress. The book comprises 250 pages and includes images from the Congress as well as the accompanying NSK Folk Art and Congress Poster Competition exhibition, as well as documentation of the first post-Congress citizen-organised events.

Also included are a range of eye-witness accounts from delegates, facilitators, observers and others, giving multiple perspectives on the events. In addition, there are essays on the Congress and the NSK State from a range of theorists including Eda Cufer (NSK founding member & international curator), Regina Roemhild (Institute for European Anthropology, Humboldt University Berlin), Yannis Stavrakakis and Kostis Stafylakis.
 As is the case with many of NSK’s works, the true meanings and significances of the Congress may not be clear for some time, but “State of Emergence” will analyse and contribute to the interpretation and decoding of an event whose implications touch on the key artistic, political and social dilemmas of our time.

State of Emergence intensively documents and analyses the unique NSK State in Time project, opening up radical new perspectives on the collectivity of NSK and on many of the key artistic and cultural questions of our time. This is an important collection of thought-provoking texts and artwork that is invaluable for navigating this evolving territory.”

Catherine Wood, Tate Modern Curator of Contemporary Art and Performance.

Confirmed Dates:

25.10 - London @ The Horse Hospital, 19.30
 Alexei Monroe, Avi Pitchon, Alexander Nym
28.10. - Leipzig @ Galerie KUB, 20.00
 Avi Pitchon, Alexander Nym
29. & 30.10. - Nuremberg @ Galerie Armer Teufel Avi Pitchon, Alexander Nym
31.10. - Munich @ Galerie traversée, 19.00 
Avi Pitchon, Alexander Nym
3.11. - Ljubljana @ Galerija ŠKUC, 19.00
 Alexei Monroe, Haris Hararis (Followed at 20.00 by the opening of the NSK Folk Art exhibition)
4.11. - Berlin @ Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, 21.30 Alexei Monroe, Avi Pitchon (DJs: Codex Europa, Avi Pitchon)

Ordering information and a downloadable preview of the book can be found at Ploettner’s website. There is a 10% discount for NSK Citizens on production of a valid passport number.