Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jelenometry Exhibition Opening and Lecture, Ljubljana, 4th & 5th October.

Jelenometry is a collaborative research exhibition produced by the Slovene collective DDR (Domestic Research Society) and cultural theorist Alexei Monroe, author of the book Interrogation Machine (MIT Press 2005). Monroe is currently researching a book project based on the cultural history of the Stag as a symbol. The exhibition title is a neologism based on the Slovene word for the Stag - jelen.

The stag as a symbol is omnipresent in contemporary and urban culture, yet remains elusive and unexplored. One of the objectives of Jelenometry is to test whether the »symbolic Stag« can withstand the intensive repetition and abuse it is subject to in visual culture and other fields.

Jelenometry is the result of one year of joint research conducted via the internet, specialist publications and field visits. Meetings and research trips took place in various locations including Ljubljana, Trbovlje, Rogaska Slatina, Kocevje, Vitanje and Berlin.

The project represents a hunt for the symbolic Stag, which has generated its own specialist vocabulary and an in-depth analysis conducted on the borders of natural science, humanities and art.

The exhibition includes two film presentations exploring and analysing Stag imagery and is accompanied by an illustrated publication with texts by DDR and Alexei Monroe.

The opening is at 5pm on Thursday 4th October at Kabinet, Ljubljana. Kabinet is accessed via the SKUC gallery on Stari Trg 21. We invite you to join us for wine, schnapps and chestnuts. Alexei Monroe will give a lecture analysing the symbolic Stag at SKUC on Friday 5th October at 8.30pm, Jagermeister will be served. All welcome.

Further details on the project (primarily in Slovene) here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Communismo da forma/Communism of Form

The text Laibach: Made in Yugoslavia? appears in Portuguese and English in this new bilingual Brazilian publication. Other authors include Anselm Jappe, Nicolas Bourriaud, Charity Scribner and Earl Miller. The book is based on the recent music video focussed exhibition which included videos by Laibach.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Review in The Wire

My review of Edwin van der Heide's installation at the Singuhr sound gallery Berlin is in the October issue of The Wire.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jelenometry Exhibition Opening, Ljubljana 04-10-07.

The research exhibition Jelenometry will open at Kabinet Ljubljana on October 4th. Realised in collaboration with the Slovene collective DDR the project deals with representations of the Stag as a symbol in contemporary and traditional culture. Further details to follow.