Sunday, February 05, 2006

20th Anniversary of Krst pod Triglavom

On February 6th 1986 the NSK production Krst pod Triglavom (Baptism under Triglav) premiered at Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana. The production was the ultimate expression of NSK as Gesamtkunstwerk and signalled the partial embrace of NSK (if not yet Laibach) by the Slovene cultural establishment.

As it was only ever performed in Ljubljana and in Belgrade (at the BITEF festival that autumn) it is one of the most obscure and legendary NSK works, known of by many but seen by only a lucky few. Those who were not there at the time have to reconstruct it from photos in the Neue Slowenische Kunst monograph (1992) and from Laibach's lavishly illustrated soundtrack album. With a range of obscure references to Slovene cultural and historical material plus a ritualistic atmosphere, Krst remains mysterious, even with a knowledge of its contradictory sources (from Slovene paganism to the international avant-garde).

Tomorrow there will be a rare chance to watch a 15 min video excerpt of the production. This will be the first of a series of online broadcasts featuring highlights of Slovene performance arts:

Good luck, scene! Low-Tech Live Internet TeleVision

6 FEB / 20:00 GMT+1 / Baptism Under Triglav (1986) / Neue Slowenische Kunst /Dragan Zivadinov / The Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre / performance # 20 Years After! (premiered on 6 Feb 1986 in Cankarjev dom Ljubljana)

GOOD LUCK, SCENE! is a 2006 joint low-tech-internet-television project presented by TV Intima and Maska, at the occasion of 10 years of internet intimacy and 100 issues of Maska magazine, in the frame of a year-long event Maska 001.15-minutes condensed excerpts from the key performative contemporary arts events in Slovenia, marking our near past and consequently our present, are going to be broadcasted every 6th day of the month at 8 PM GMT+1.TV Intima 2006 program is selected by Emil Hrvatin, Maska, Bojana Kunst, philosopher and Igor Stromajer, Intima Virtual Base. TV Intima & Maska 001,