Monday, January 23, 2006

Andere Sinema 176

The new issue of the Belgian journal Andere Sinema is now available. It publishes material from the 2005 Jan Vay Eyck seminar "Spectres of the Avant-Garde" including the new text Full Spectrum Provocation The Retrogarde Strategies of Neue Slowenische Kunst which discusses Laibach's notorious 1997 Slovene Philharmonic concert.

Further details here:

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Amsterdam Event Fully Booked

The Over-Identification symposium and book launch/screening at the Stedelijk Amsterdam this Thursday 19th is now fully booked.

Evolution of Senso-Brutalism

This paper dealing with senso-brutalist aesthetics in industrial, minimal techno and gabba is now online in the English section of the Vienna music magazine SKUG's website. It was originally presented at a panel organised given by the Industrialised Culture Research Network (see previous posts and at a conference on 20th Century Music. See

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Over-Identification, Interrogation, Division.

On January 19th the symposium Cultural activism today: Strategies of over-identification will take place at the Stedelijk Museum CS, Amsterdam. Besides a series of expert presentations on over-identification, the event will include a talk by Alexei Monroe on NSK’s use of traditional symbolism, a presentation of the book Interrogation Machine and a pre-release screening of the Laibach American tour documentary Divided States of America.

12:30 Registration
13:00 Welcoming note: Jelle Bouwhuis (Stedelijk Museum)
13:10 Introduction: BAVO 13:40 Lecture Alexei Monroe
14:10 Lecture Dieter Lesage
14:40 Film screening Pulverous (2003) by Aernout Mik
15:10 Break
15:40 Presentation Jens Haaning
16:10 Lecture Boris Groys 16:40 Presentation by Atelier van Lieshout
17:10 Closing discussion, presentation of AS#176 The spectre of the avant-garde, presentation of Alexei Monroe’s Interrogation machine
18:00 Reception and pre-release screening of the film Divided States of America (2005) by Sašo Podgoršek & Laibach

Full details:

Thursday 19 January from 13.00 til 18.00 hours at Stedelijk Museum CS, Amsterdam.
Admission free. Advance booking is recommended.For bookings go to the registration form or contact: Winnie.koekelbergh@janvaneyck.nlT: +31 (0) 34 350 37 43
Organised by the Jan van Eyck Academie & Stedelijk Museum