Friday, July 14, 2006

Return of the Repressive (RoTr), Birmingham 1st-3rd September.

Return of the Repressive (RoTr).
The Custard Factory Birmingham,September 1st – 3rd.

This is a weekend of industrialised culture presented by I.C.R.N. (Industrialised Culture Research Network) in collaboration with Capsule, Cold Spring and the Custard Factory. Over the first weekend of September, the Custard Factory will host a unique event exploring the past, present and future of industrial music and culture. Often ignored, industrial is a style that won’t go away, and keeps re-surfacing in new contexts. Return of the Repressive will trace the industrial undercurrents that lurk under the facade of our allegedly post-industrial society.

The centrepiece will be the opening of the LAIBACH KUNST inhibition “Instrumentality of the State Machine”. This large-scale sound and visual installation recreates the industrial ambience of Trbovlje, the Slovene industrial city which gave birth to Laibach 26 years ago. The inhibition will open on September 1st, and members of Laibach plus guests will perform a special "Concerto for magnetophone, gramophone, radiophone and megaphone" at 8pm.

The Laibach opening will be followed by an evening of DJ’s and live acts, featuring dark drum and bass act PCM, percussion group Shit and Shine, dark industrial legends Schloss Tegal, and a specially commissioned audiovisual set by Birmingham techno pioneer Surgeon.

On Saturday 2nd there will be screenings of rare industrial video material plus a Mutefilm screening, including Laibach videos and the British premiere of Saso Podgorsek’s Laibach U.S. tour documentary Divided States of America.

On Sunday 3rd, industrial will be explored in an ICRN seminar featuring guest speakers and a special presentation of Interrogation Machine.

Tickets are available from

Tickets for 1st Sept. £10 Adv. (Advance Tickets only for the LAIBACH KUNST concerto). Limited tickets will be available at the door for the rest of the evening) .

Tickets for the 2nd & 3rd of September are £5, available on the door.

RoTr is generously supported by Cold Spring records.



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More Interrogation Machine

Book of the Week,

"... the best and most thought-provoking art book of the year so far."

Eye Weekly

"... exhilarating and properly punitive" Chris Thompson in Radical Philosophy. See also The Phoenix:

Plus a feature on the Italian electronic culture site Neural

Monday, July 03, 2006

I.C.R.N. News

New material is now available on the I.C.R.N. blog - alive review of the Die Krupps 25th Annivesary Tour and Heinrich Deisl's German language paper on the politics of the British industrial scene.